SEØX active in CQWW SSB 2009

SEØX will be active in CQWW SSB this weekend. SMØMDG Björn will be competing in the Single Operator High All Band category. A new 160 meter vertical antenna is ready for action and the 10 meter band has been open the past days, so expect to log me on all bands. CU in the Contest! 73

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Results from the SAC SSB Contest

The second part, the SSB portion of the SAC (Scandinavian Activity Contest) 2009 has ended. SMØMDG operated SEØX in the SOAB-HP category logging a total of 1.000 stations in 20 hours of operation. There was no opening at all on 10 meter but there were many fun contacts made on all other bands including some really

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SteppIR failure (again!)

For the second time the 3-element SteppIR antenna at SEØX failed, and this time with terrible timing a few days before the SAC SSB Contest. First I expected the failure to be similar to when then antenna copper tape jammed inside the EUH the past winter. Friday night, less than 20 hours before the start of the contest, we took the tower down and opened up the dipole EHU to find the drive shaft broken.

SAC CW – Claimed Results

SEØX was active in SAC CW this weekend. SMØMDG operated the station in SOAB-HP logging a total of 1.100 stations in 20 hours of operation. Propagation was weak in higher bands with just a small opening Sunday on 15 meter and only four contacts logged 10 meter. Lower bands provided good action overnight with DX from NA,

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Polar DX team members active in SAC

The 51st SAC – Scandinavian Acitivity Contest is the next major event for Polar DX and the team is gearing up and preparing for the two contest weekends. The following Polar DX team members will be taking part in SAC; SEØX SOAB-HP (SMØMDG Björn, CW and SSB) SFØX SOAB-HP (SMØNOR Ulf,  only SSB) SGØX SOAB-HP

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10m open in IARU Contest

SEØX was active in the IARU Contest this past weekend operated by SMØMDG Björn in the Single Operator SSB High Power category. Most contacts where made on 20 meter but 15 and 10 where also open and 10 meter provided the second most number of contacts of all bands in the contest. No transmit antenna

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SEØX active in IARU contest

SEØX will be active in the upcoming IARU contest July 11-12. SMØMDG will be operating the station competing in the single operator SSB category. Antennas for 80 – 10 meters are functional and Es on 10 meters have been strong recently, so a special effort is being made on this band. CU in the contest, 73 de

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CQWW 160 CW – Pure fun!

What a fun contest weekend! I was really looking forward to the CQWW 160 CW contest as topband is my favorite band, and what a great fun weekend it became. I entered the contest in category A single operator high power, but was initially tempted to re-enter in assisted mode and use the cluster as the band

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  Today a box with 2000 of the new QSL cards arrived at the doorstep. This card will be used to confirm contacts for SM0MDG, SE0X and 7S0X. Pse direct your QSL requests via buro or direct to SM0MDG, information in is up to date. 73 de Björn Tweet

SEØX in CQWW 160 2009

I will participate as SEØX in CQWW 160 January 23 – 25, 2009. Entry will be in category A – single operator, high power. CQWW 160 website 73 de Björn, SM0MDG (SE0X) Tweet