CQ WPX CW Update

In preparation for the WPX CW contest decided to adopt last year’s strategy of going non-stop for the first 24 hours. Using the same plan I would try to improve my 2012 result in Single Operator, High Power, Assisted. I also was curious to see how the new 15 meter 5 element mono would help me

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WPX SSB: K3 fried one hour before start

This year SM0MDG and SM0MLZ teamed up for the WPX SSB Contest from SEOX. Due to the contest colliding with easter weekend obligations the other regulars weren’t able to make it. With a two person team our plan was to take a shot at the SM record, multi-op, single TX in WPX SSB. Two radios

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CQWW CW Summary

Less action but higher score in CQWW CW, how is that possible? The answer is in the summary below, keep reading. Being prepared and well rested is crucial to be successful in any contest. Good propagation can help, but it can also be very selective. This year I was not fully prepared, definitely not well

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SAC SSB and Change of Plans

SAC SSB is over for this time and it was a fun and memorable experience. Not because of record scores or mega-runs, but because a thick (and hopefully colorful) Aurora Borealis effectively killed most propagation paths over the pole. After accepting this fact, I decided to drop all ambitions to hit records and readjust to

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SE0X in SAC CW Contest September 15-16!

SE0X will kick off the fall contest season by going all out in the upcoming SAC CW contest this weekend September 15-16. SM0MDG is operating in the Single Operator, All Band Category, High Power. SE0X will of course also be active in the SAC SSB Contest October 13-14. More information and full rules for the

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Aurora killed IARU goals

I had not really prepared for the 2012 edition of the IARU HF Challenge because of intensified preparations of the upcoming CY9M expedition, but I spent an hour reading up on past years achievements deciding it was time for a CW only effort with a goal to reach 1700 contacts. Not checking the propagation in advance I did not bother to calculate a goal for the final score, I was more focused on the number of contacts.