CY9M – St Paul Island up next!

A 10 man international team is about to embark to St Paul Island, a top 40 most wanted DXCC, in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Canada. The activity commence this week July 26 and ends August 1. St Paul Island is commonly referred to as the “Graveyard of the Gulf” which has also

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SM0MDG to St Paul Island – CY9M

SM0MDG will participate in a 10 man strong expedition to St Paul Island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Canada, planned to be on the air July 2012. St Paul Island is commonly referred to as the “Graveyard of the Gulf” which has also been the theme for the expedition logotype. The landing

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DU IOTA Tour Replaced DXØDX

Here is a quick summary of our Philippines IOTA tour. When landing in Manila we were met by Ramon DU1UGZ and Thelma DU1IVT at the airport. Later that night we had a nice dinner and then went on to visit Robin DU9RG who lives just outside Manila in a beautiful house. After the warm welcome

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MSØINT nominated Expedition of the Year!

Our recent MSØINT IOTA expedition to the Flannan Isles has been nominated by the Clipperton DX Club for the Expedition of the Year trophy in company with excellent expeditions as K4M – Midway and E4X – Palestine. The winner will be decided by voting at the Clipperton DX Club website here. You can vote starting today. 73! Tweet

MSØINT: 8194 contacts from Flannans

A total of 8194 contacts where made from Eilean Mor, Flannan Isles (EU-118) this past weekend by the MSØINT team. Operators where EA3NT Christian, EA2TA George, F4BKV Vincent , IZ7ATN Simon, SMØMDG Björn, and team leader MMØNDX Col. More information on the MSØINT websitbe. Tweet

MSØINT from EU-118 this weekend.

In a Pan-European project, SMØMDG Bjørn, EA3NT Christian, EA2TA George, F4BKV Vincent , IZ7ATN Simon and leader MMØNDX Col will be active from the remote North Atlantic island group of the Flannans 20 miles north west of the Outer Hebrides. Activated in 1989, 1995, 1999 and 2002, the mysterious Flannan Isles are certainly a much needed but extremely difficult to access IOTA. Full

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