CQWW 2009 – 1st place SO-HP Sweden

SEØX won the Swedish Single Operator High Power category award in both the SSB and CW portion of the 2009 CQ World Wide Contest. Diplomas are now posted at the virtual awards wall, head over there now cause we’re pretty proud! 73 de Björn, SMØMDG Tweet

40m vertical array installed at SEØX

A two element 40 meter vertical array has been installed at SEØX this weekend. The array is built using fibre glass poles and the two verticals are facing North America with the intention to improve DX scores in contests. The Comtek PVS 40 phasing system is used which allows for endfire patterns in NW or SE

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SMØMDG Björn will be active in the CQWW SSB Contest this weekend from CQ3L together with DJ6QT Walter and DJ6KS Knut. We will enter in Multi-Op Single-Station and DJ8OG Matthias will use the other station CR3L in a Single-Op effort. 73 and GL in the Contest! Tweet

SEØX #1 SM SO in CQWW SSB 2009

SEØX ranks #1 Sweden Single Operator in the CQWW SSB contest 2009 according to the official results published in the current issue of CQ. I was very happy to see the final result and it feels very nice being number one SM single op, even beating the assisted single ops. Read the full results article

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CQ WW CW Results

I need sleep, lots of sleep… after 33 hours of decoding CW it is time to lean back, recover and reload to get ready for the ARRL 160 meter contest next weekend. But first lets summarize WW DX CW 2009. No sun spots and shorter daylight hours led to lower propagation and less action on

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SEØX active in CQWW CW

Again it is time to fire up the station at SEØX to be active in CQWW CW this weekend. I will be competing in the Single Operator High All Band category. Antennas for all bands are operational and special attention will be paid to the 160, 15 and 10 meter bands. CU in the Contest this

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CQWW SSB Results

    The past weekend’s major contest event, CQWW SSB 2009, charged all bands with activity (plus QRM) and put gear and operators to the test. SEØX was active in SOAB-HP operated by me, SMØMDG, and it was indeed a fun weekend with very little sleep. Just in time for the contest the SEØX Topband

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SEØX active in CQWW SSB 2009

SEØX will be active in CQWW SSB this weekend. SMØMDG Björn will be competing in the Single Operator High All Band category. A new 160 meter vertical antenna is ready for action and the 10 meter band has been open the past days, so expect to log me on all bands. CU in the Contest! 73

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CQWW CW claimed score

Below is the claimed score of SEØX in CQWW CW, but first a proper contest meal 🙂 Claimed score: ARRL-SECTION: DX CALLSIGN: SE0X CONTEST: CQ-WW-CW CATEGORY: SINGLE-OP-ASSISTED HIGH CW CLAIMED-SCORE: 663060 OPERATORS: SM0MDG 73 de Björn Tweet