Temporary Skimmer Antenna Installed

A new temporary skimmer antenna has been installed at the SE0X skimmer site. I didn’t expect much from the  small and simple PA0RDT active mini-whip antenna, but its good performance, especially on 160 meter, surprised me in the ARRL DX contest. Tweet

Game Over – Topband Vertical Down!

It seems like CQWW CW will be a single band effort! The Topband Vertical a SE0X didn’t even make it through the first storm of the season. This week it was discovered to be resting on the ground after a few days of rough weather with storm. One of the guy line supports didn’t hold

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The Force of Ice

A new year with new challenges just started. This weekend we got snow and temperatures below the freezing point for the first time this winter. On Saturday I spent some time making sure antennas where in shape for the colder season. I checked and adjusted tension of the 160 meter vertical guys and everything else

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Topband Vertical 2013/2014 season

The top band vertical at SE0X was put in place just in time for CQWW CW. This year the antenna is a little stronger (and longer). The bottom section is now made of a 60 millimeter aluminium tube with 3 millimeter wall thickness and I added a more robust delrin isolator. The total heigh of the

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SE0X in Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge

SMØMDG will be active from SEØX in the Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge this weekend, December 18-19. Entry will be in SOHP. The unique part in this contest is that the distance that is counted for score, “QSO Points” are computed by taking the distance between the centers of the two grid squares. Count a

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SM0MDG Reverse Beacon on 160m

Follow the SM0MDG CW Skimmer monitoring the 160 meter band 24/7 on the Reverse Beacon Network. The beacon is using a SDR-IQ receiver using a Clifton Laboratories Z1501 active antenna with a 3 meter whip and will show you the Callsign, frequency, CW speed and signal to noise ratio (S/N) for signals received. Links: Filtered

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Topband Vertical Repaired

The topband vertical at SEØX, an inverted L, broke in the winter storms rendering the antenna useless. Because of the remote location and the heavy snow just before the CQ WW 160 weekend I was not sure if I was able to repair or replace the antenna in time for the contest. The good news

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