Max Power for SM Hams Lowered to 200W!


As of Today, November 1st 2018, the maximum power allowed for Swedish amateur radio operators have been lowered to a maximum of 200 watt PEP. This is a change in regulations by the Swedish PTS, Post and Telecommunication authority. The reason given is that it is done to harmonise with the new spectrum plan. There have been no reports of interference relating to amateur radio activity reported to PTS.

Amateur radio operators can apply for a permit to use higher power levels. PTS will hand out permits for the old power level of 1kW in exchange for a fee. This permit is only valid for the locations specified in the application As this licence is given according to general communications regulations one wonders if higher power levels now are possible.

At this time, November 1st, around 400 hams have sent in their application for using high power.


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