8Q7BM Photos

Spending two weeks in the Maldives in January was an unforgettable experience. Not only because of the blue ocean, white sand and warm sun. 160 meter contesting and DX’ing barefoot with a compromise antenna posed a challenge very different from the usual big signal-work-them-all experience from home. Below are a few photos from 8Q7BM. Tweet

8Q7BM in CQ-160 @ Raa Atoll

This is my 160 meter top (and bottom loaded) compromise vertical relaxing on the beach from the overnight exercises on Top Band. Working CQ160 from the Maldives using a compromise antenna and barefoot transceiver was not easy. One would think the exotic prefix should generate some attention. The fact is that it is almost impossible

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Caribbean Tour QSL Preview

The V26BM and VP2MSW QSL cards are now available, check out the preview here! These beautiful QSL cards have been designed by ON5UR Max. They will be used by M0URX Tim to confirm contacts made with me during my Caribbean New Year tour. Please QSL only via M0URX – send to M0URX direct or via

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SM0MDG Caribbean Tour

SM0MDG Björn will be active from Antigua as V26BM December 28 to January 4, followed by activity from Montserrat as VP2MSW January 4 to 8. This will be a light weight holiday style activity using a FT-857D and simple wire antennas. Tweet

CY9M – St Paul Island up next!

A 10 man international team is about to embark to St Paul Island, a top 40 most wanted DXCC, in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Canada. The activity commence this week July 26 and ends August 1. St Paul Island is commonly referred to as the “Graveyard of the Gulf” which has also

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SM0MDG to St Paul Island – CY9M

SM0MDG will participate in a 10 man strong expedition to St Paul Island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, Nova Scotia, Canada, planned to be on the air July 2012. St Paul Island is commonly referred to as the “Graveyard of the Gulf” which has also been the theme for the expedition logotype. The landing

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Happy New Year!

Once again its time to pop the cork of a bottle of chilled Dom Pérignon and celebrate another fun year at SEØX, and what a year it’s been! 2011 was the year when the sun finally got back into the game and once again fuelling fantastic propagation paths on high bands. For me 2011 started

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SMØMDG in JX5O Jan Mayen Expedition

The JX5O expedition to Jan Mayen is coming closer. In one week the international team will gather in Reykjavik, Iceland, to begin the trip to Jan Mayen located in the Norwegian Polar region. The team will travel on the Aurora sail yacht from Isafjordur to Jan Mayen in unpredictable waters in the North Atlantic. The

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DU IOTA Tour Replaced DXØDX

Here is a quick summary of our Philippines IOTA tour. When landing in Manila we were met by Ramon DU1UGZ and Thelma DU1IVT at the airport. Later that night we had a nice dinner and then went on to visit Robin DU9RG who lives just outside Manila in a beautiful house. After the warm welcome

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